Quick and amazing results even the same day! BOTOX is a safe and nonsurgical method to soften fine lines and wrinkles.

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About Botox


Here a safe small dose of Botulinum Toxin A relaxes the muscle which in turn softens fine lines and wrinkles while still allowing for normal facial expressions. Results occur within 3 days and last between 3 - 6 months. 


Botulinum toxin when in high doses causes paralysis whereas conversely, BOTOX® is used in such small doses that it is safe and does not cause this kind of paralysis.  BOTOX® at Whole Health JC, Inc, under the hands of Dr. Jennifer Su serves to simply relax and soften fine facial lines and facial wrinkles while allowing for normal facial expression.




Our Service


Here at Whole Health JC, Inc. Dr. Jennifer Su herself administers the BOTOX cosmetic injections herself. There is no downtime and no drugs.  


Dr. Jen loves to ensure you get the natural youthful results you are wanting. Call us today for a free consultation.


For 24 hours after receiving your BOTOX, avoid strenuous exercise, alcohol intake, and exposure to extensive heat/sun.


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"I recently had Botox Injections for the first time. I am not going to lie, I was nervous about having this done. Dr. Su was awesome throughout the entire process. She made me feel so comfortable and the process was easy with very little pain. The results... Amazing! I would highly recommend Dr. Su"


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