Pre & Post Surgery IV Therapy

If you are having an elective surgical procedure in the future, you should consider preparing the body for surgery 4 - 8 weeks prior to your surgery date.

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About this IV Therapy

Surgery can be a heavy stress on the body and proper preparation can reduce the effects of stress on the body before and after surgery. The body has an incredible, innate ability to heal itself, but there are many factors that unfortunately contribute to less than optimal recovery.


Age, daily stressors, hormone and micronutrient deficiencies, environmental toxins, poor diet, lack of exercise and tobacco abuse can all have an impact on how well you heal. Just smoking alone will often require twice the healing time when compared to a non-smoker.  One way to improve your recovery is to get more of the important nutrients than your diet alone provides.


There are many nutrients that are important for the body’s stress reaction and wound healing.  Take healing steps before and after surgery to strengthen your immune system and alleviate body stress, which can help improve your recovery and healing time.


Note: Advise your medical provider/surgeon of any supplements or herbs you are taking at least 1 week prior to surgery.  While the ingredients in this IV are recognized as safe and have been evaluated by our medical team, some surgeons may have questions about the ingredients and your intentions on using our iV therapies.”—My Practice Connect®

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