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“I had a bad cold that would not quit, plus a big day-long meeting at work coming that I didn’t think I could endure. I took an IV Meyer’s cocktail at Dr. Su’s office. The next day, I felt great and my meeting went off without a hitch. A few weeks later I had surgery on my right knee. I had several (IV) cocktails before and after the surgery. Surprisingly, I experienced almost no pain and only minor swelling. The biggest surprise was absolutely no discoloration in my leg and ankle. This was a completely different experience from what I had with my left knee surgery earlier in the year.”


IV Nutrients

“I recently had Botox Injections for the first time. I am not going to lie, I was nervous about having this done. Dr. Su was awesome throughout the entire process. She made me feel so comfortable and the process was easy with very little pain. The results… Amazing! I would highly recommend Dr. Su”



“I’ve had stress incontinence for 30 years and thought I’d just have to live with it. Thanks to Dr. J. Su and the O-Shot, I no longer have to wear pads! I feel much more confident and definitely not afraid to laugh anymore!!! I’d recommend it to anyone with incontinence!”

Shelly D.


“I know that my stretch marks are a sign that I gave life. Therefore, I never let them define me. However, after getting the Vampire Facial they faded a great deal. I feel like my body is mine again. They’re no longer the first thing you notice. I am.”


Vampire Facial Treatment of Stretch marks

“My husband, children, and grandchild have been sick, but I have stayed on top if it due to IV Nutrients I received from Dr. Su”

Rachel L.

IV Nutrients

“My high does Vitamin C infusion changed my life. No more brain fog or debilitation fatigue after just one dose! Dr. Su took great care of me during and after my infusion. I’m telling everyone I know to get their vitamins!”

Veronica C.

Epstein-Barr Virus

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