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Dr. Jen is an expert in treating balding and thinning hair with one of the most effective methods available; the Vampire Hair Regrowth® procedure (utilizing PRP). With the restorative power of PRP, you can regrow your own real hair, and discover the fantastic effects of Hair Regrowth in Jefferson City MO by visiting Whole Health JC.

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Our Hair Rejuvenation Treatments


Vampire Hair Regrowth® is a non-surgical, non-invasive, drug-free procedure to stimulate your own natural hair to regrow. Instead of using tattoo or hair transplantation, the growth factors found in your own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) are injected in the scalp in order to stimulate new hair regrowth. 


Platelets are the cells in your bloodstream that go to areas of trauma or bleeding to stop the bleeding and cause coagulation.  Remember when you were young and scraped your knee? There was a dark “scab” on your knee that stopped the bleeding and your Mom used to tell you “Don’t pick that off!”but we all did, and saw that gooey light-yellow colored goo underneath that scab? Well, that is the platelet rich plasma that covers the knee and causes the knee to heal faster.


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How Does it Work?


PRP is obtained from your blood in a few short minutes in our office by using a special biological centrifuge from PureSpin® which rapidly and effectively spins down a small portion of your blood to provide seven-times the concentration of platelets which will be used to inject during your procedures.  Here at Whole Health JC, Inc., Dr. Jen draws this small portion of your blood and prepares it for the centrifuge herself to give you optimal safe and beautiful results.  Your blood never leaves your sight during the entire preparation process.  


Vampire Hair Regrowth® is safe and effective and is repeated once a month for a total of 3 months with new fine hair growth seen after the 2nd month.  The procedure takes 45 minutes and the first part is Dr. Jen asking you where you areas of hair loss are.  Vampire Hair Regrowth® is also indicated for persons with total baldness (alopecia).  You can discover more about this treatment options by visiting our clinic on Hair Regrowth in Jefferson City MO.


The 3 steps of the Vampire Hair Regrowth® are as follows:

  1. Dr. Jen will discuss and look at what areas of your scalp you wish to have hair grow back. A special compounded powerful numbing cream is applied to the areas where the treatment will occur.
  2. A small portion of your blood is drawn to create the growth factors in the PRP that will be injected in the areas you want to treat
  3. Your PRP is injected in a grid-like pattern on your scalp.During the procedure, bleeding commonly occurs as well as burning and discomfort. There is no down-time after Vampire Hair Regrowth®.  For 24 hours after Vampire Facial®, avoid strenuous exercise, alcohol intake, and exposure to extensive heat/sun. Most feel that their scalps feel “tight” and that they just banged their heads on the top bunk of a bunk bed over and over.  These sensations improve over the next 2 -3 days after the procedure.
Hair rejuvenation jefferson city MO

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