PRP Therapy

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is used by Dr. Jen in the following nonsurgical procedures she offers: O-SHOT®, Priapus Shot®, Vampire Facial®, Vampire Facelift®.

PRP Face Injection. Mid aged Woman Receives Platelet Rich Plasma Face Injection for Reduction of Skin Wrinkles

About the Treatment

PRP is a powerful concentrated volume of your own platelets which are used in turn to “regenerate” your bodies’ skin, collagen, and nerves.

Platelets are the cells in your bloodstream that go to areas of trauma or bleeding to stop the bleeding and cause coagulation.  Remember when you were young and scraped your knee? There was a dark “scab” on your knee that stopped the bleeding and your Mom used to tell you “Don’t pick that off!”but we all did, and saw that gooey light-yellow colored goo underneath that scab? Well, that is the platelet rich plasma that heals the knee and causes the knee to heal.

Cool huh!

PRP is obtained from your blood in a few short minutes in our office by using a special biological centrifuge from PureSpin® which rapidly and effectively spins down a small portion of your blood to provide seven-times the concentration of platelets which will be used to inject into your procedures.  Here at Whole Health JC, Inc., Dr. Jen draws this small portion of your blood and prepares it for the centrifuge herself to give you optimal safe and beautiful results.  Your blood never leaves your sight during the entire preparation process.  

Results from her PRP procedures start working in 3 days and maximum results are in 3 months.

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