Juvaderm®XC is a filler which is also a naturally-occurring carbohydrate called hyaluronic acid which is naturally made in our skin.

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About Juvaderm


Dr. Jen combines Juvaderm®XC with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma—YOUR OWN PRP) in a combo procedure called the Vampire Facelift®.  This is a nonsurgical, drug-free procedure immediately gives you a natural and younger “lift”. There is no downtime, no surgery, no medications, results are immediate with maximum results occurring in 3 months and these results last up to a year and a half.  


During this short 45 minute procedure performed in our office, Dr. Jen will first apply a safe compounded painless numbing cream to your face and then injects Juvaderm®XC (which contains lidocaine which provides comfort during the injection) in the areas of volume loss that have occurred on your face.  Following the Juvaderm®XC, your own PRP is then injected in these same areas which polishes the already beautiful look. There is no downtime and you can return back to work or get ready for your date.


The results are so immediate, that when you leave the office, your friends and coworkers will think you have just had a great nap!  Shhh.. it can stay our secret!!


For 24 hours after getting filler injections, avoid strenuous exercise, alcohol intake, and exposure to extensive heat/sun.

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