Your Guide to the Alpha Lipoic Acid Treatment: What to Expect

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Referred to as the “universal antioxidant,” Alpha Lipoic Acid is a strong compound proven to naturally remove toxins from the body and improve metabolism. Nowadays, you can receive an Alpha Lipoic Acid treatment to replenish antioxidant levels in your body and reduce nerve pain.

So, what exactly is Alpha Lipoic Acid, and is it safe to use as an IV treatment?

In this ultimate guide to Alpha Lipoic Acid, learn why this antioxidant is so special, discover 3 key benefits of an Alpha Lipoic Acid treatment, and explore the results you can expect to see after treatment.

Let’s get started.

What is Alpha Lipoic Acid?

At its core, Alpha Lipoic Acid, or ALA for short, is a powerful antioxidant naturally found in many of the foods we eat. For instance, one can find trace amounts of the compound in vegetables, roots, and fruits, including:

  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Tomatoes
  • Beets
  • Yams
  • Potatoes

Alpha Lipoic Acid Treatment

When we consume ALA, our body synthesizes it, and it goes straight to work with our mitochondria. Once there, it helps perform a multitude of metabolic processes that are vital to the body, such as cellular damage prevention and metabolism regulation.

Due to its robust yet natural properties, ALA is safe to use as an IV treatment.

So, why should you consider an Alpha Lipoic Acid treatment?

3 Benefits of an Alpha Lipoic Acid Treatment

When it comes to ALA IV treatments, the benefits go far beyond just an improved metabolism. From natural healing properties to toxin removal, here are the top 3 benefits that ALA provides your body.

1. Feel the Healing Power of Antioxidants

In simple terms, an antioxidant is a molecule that combats free radicals that cause harm to your body. Antioxidants are key in targeting and fighting these free radicals to keep your body in equilibrium.

An Alpha Lipoic Acid treatment quickly replenishes the amount of ALA in your body. Once the antioxidant is readily present for use, it will:

  • Fight free radicals
  • Filter out unwanted toxins
  • Restore other antioxidant levels

Altogether, your body will greatly benefit by feeling cleansed and healthy.

2. Reverse Time with ALA Anti-Aging Properties

When there is an overabundance of free radicals in the body, you may experience oxidative stress, which is shown to cause inflammation and is the root of hundreds of diseases.

Not to mention, oxidative stress also links to many unwanted symptoms of the natural aging process! Here’s the good news: if you are experiencing rapid aging or stress-related symptoms such as inflammation, an Alpha Lipoic Acid IV treatment can help.

For instance, ALA can fight free radicals that damage your cells. With that being said, an ALA IV treatment can reverse the negative effects of oxidation and slow cell damage. This gives ALA very unique anti-aging properties.

3. Counteract Nerve Pain Symptoms

Finally, one of the greatest and most well-known benefits of an Alpha Lipoic Acid IV treatment is its ability to improve nerve pain.

According to several scientific studies, ALA is extremely beneficial for diabetics, especially those who suffer from high blood sugar levels and diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Furthermore, alpha-lipoic acid has healing properties that interfere with the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

The beneficial effects ALA has on the function of the body’s neurons and neural pathways have given this antioxidant much accreditation and is a very useful treatment option for those who suffer from nerve pain symptoms.


What to Expect If You Receive an Alpha Lipoic Acid Treatment

Now that you know a little bit more about the wonderful antioxidant properties of Alpha Lipoic Acid, you are probably wondering what an ALA treatment looks like.

Keep reading to learn what you can expect if you receive Alpha Lipoic Acid IV Therapy.

Alpha Lipoic Acid IV Therapy Explained

If you want to replenish your body’s natural levels of ALA, IV therapy is a great way to accomplish this goal.

This is because the intravenous route allows you to receive a much higher dose of ALA, which goes directly into your body and can synthesize immediately.

Once in the body, the powerful antioxidant triggers mitochondrial respiration and seems to have an anti-cancer effect. Not only does it work to remove unwanted toxins, but it also improves nerve pain symptoms and reduces oxidation from free radicals.

Common Results of ALA IV Therapy

After you receive your ALA IV treatment, your body will process the antioxidant and it will get to work. Depending on the reason you chose to get the IV therapy, results may vary.

For instance, ALA tends to reduce nerve pain symptoms in diabetic patients within 3-5 weeks.

Here’s the best news: since ALA is completely natural, the treatment is safe and does not harbor negative side effects.

Discover Alpha Lipoic Acid IV Therapy at WholeHealth JC

Ready to try this revolutionary IV therapy for yourself? Whether you want to use ALA IV therapy for its anti-aging properties or you are looking for a solution to resolve nerve pain, WholeHealth JC is here to give you the treatment you need.

Schedule a free consultation and receive an Alpha Lipoic Acid treatment that will benefit your personal needs.

Dr. Jen

September 02, 2021

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