Ketamine IV

Safe doses for maximum success in the treatment of Depression & Chronic Pain: Momentum Mind Ketamine IV Drip for Depression & Momentum Body Ketamine IV Drip for Chronic Pain.

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Ketamine IV Drip for Treatment of Depression & Chronic Pain

We are Central Missouri's only Physician- Administered & Monitored Ketamine IV Center. We use nano (very tiny) doses of Momentum Mind IV Ketamine drip at Whole Health JC, Inc. to treat depression, likewise, Momentum Body IV Ketamine drip at Whole Health JC, Inc. is successful at treating chronic pain.

Waking up everyday to "the same thing" is devastating when we have depression.  Momentum Mind IV Ketamine drip at Whole Health JC, Inc. is part of your journey to feeling hope again and empowering you to make life changes for the better.

Each person goes though a gentle pre-screening interview to see if they are an appropriate candidate to receive our Ketamine IV drips.

For Momentum Mind IV Ketamine drip: we require a person to begin their Ketamine journey by receiving at least 4 Ketamine IV drips and if no improvement in their lives, then we cancel the remaining treatments.  Improvement is seen if the Ketamine is letting a person make changes in their life for the better.

Each Ketamine drip is performed over one hour in our comfortable sound-reduction rooms with special curated music which the patient listens to through headphones which are provided by us. Each patient is also provided comfortable sleep eye masks to wear during the infusion.

The Ketamine drip takes approximately 1 hour to infuse.  Common side effects include and are not limited to the following: a feeling of floating, a sensation of joy, seeing total blackness, seeing different colors, seeing movements of light, dizziness, motion sickness.

We require you to have a driver to drive you home as we do not allow you to drive immediately after the treatment.


Please spread the word about our potentially life-changing Ketamine IV drips. Thank you in advance.

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